The abstract non-representational images I present show the viewer a combination of endless color, form, vibration and movement. It is my hope that you will find the colors and imagery contemplative and therapeutically pleasing. I photographed things from butterfly wings to bird feathers, crystals, and minerals and combined the images with colored light gathered through a dichroic prism. The images were then heavily filtered in the computer to achieve the desired results.
The Polychromatic series images come in two sizes 16"x20" and large format 48”x60” face mounted on acrylic. The images are printed on ultra HD metallic paper and are delivered ready to hang. The prints are in a limited edition run.

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Tiny Satellite

Tiny Satellite series is an exploration in perception. I set out to photograph the New Mexico landscape with a perspective as if one is flying over distant lunar landscapes. The images themselves are void of any objects that would give reference to size or scale, leaving the imagination up to the viewer of the infinite possibilities of what might exist outside our own solar system.

The photographs themselves were shot in both black and white and color transparency films using a medium format Pentax 6x7 camera. The images were then wet scanned at the highest resolution possible so I can reproduce the images at a large scale that will make these truly unique, one of a kind works of art. Each image is reproduced in a limited edition of small, medium, and large format ultra HD metallic chromogenic color prints. The prints are face mounted onto acrylic and are delivered ready to hang. 

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Abstract Landscapes

As beautiful as photographs of majestic landscapes may be, the redundancy of seeing a straight photograph has become boring in a world overloaded with images. My aim in this body of work is to take the landscape into a new dimension.
Using the highest resolving power camera and lens I can configure I’ve assembled a body of work that is both extremely technical so to achieve and high quality enough to make extremely large format prints, yet still remain obscure and playful enough to continuously entertain the imagination of the viewer. Thus taking the landscape image from the static pureness of reality to a more artistic imaginary form. The idea to make an image that is both technically appealing, yet obscure enough to visually stimulate the imagination.

These photographs were made using a medium format 51 mega pixel Fujifilm camera mounted to the back of a traditional 4x5 Sinar large format camera. This allowed me to use the large format lenses of the Sinar as telephoto lenses on the sensor.
I felt the magnitude of these vast landscapes needed to be resolved as with as much detail and depth as possible. This will also allow for extremely large format prints with precision detail. These large format prints are 50”s and over will put simply, “look bitchn” on your wall.

Available in a limited edition run printed on ultra HD metallic paper and face mounted acrylic. The prints are delivered ready to hang.

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Desert Landscapes

Having the privilege of living in the great Southwest gives me many opportunities to get out into nature and explore the landscape. Living in Northern New Mexico gives me access to some of the most speculator four corners region desert landscape. I can jump in my truck and in 20 minutes in any direction, be in some of the most unusual and unique landscapes in this country.

When working in the landscape I most always set out with some pre-visualized image in my minds eye. I like to see my landscape images really big so I always bring my “big gun” cameras to gain as much detail and information as humanly possible. For many years this meant lugging around a large format 8x10 view camera with big heavy lenses and bags of plate holders and a film changing tent. I always set off with enough equipment to cover almost any situation. Even now with a high tech Fujifilm digital camera I still bring along a barrage of extra equipment and accessories to give me a multitude of options in the field. The older I get the more I’m beginning to think I may need a pack mule. At one point I even went as far as joining the Rio Grande Mule and Donkey Association to learn more about this option. Seemed strange being the only member without a mule, but never the less a very welcoming group of folks.

So what you can expect when you view one of my images up close is loads of tack sharp detail and information. My images are always top from start to finish and I always strive for excellence in presentation, conceptualism and artistic merit.

These prints are available in a variety of sizes and paper surfaces, matting, mounting and framing options. Please inquire for pricing and sampling of the different image options.

Macro Abstractions

Although macro photography is by itself somewhat abstract, in this particular series I have set out to take the macro image further into the abstract realm. My aim to create a tapestry or textile feeling within this series.