Photos by Matthew David Ford.

Working for more than 20 years as a fine art photographer this site serves as a online guide to the different portfolios of my fine art photography . Born in 1969, I have dedicated my life to use photography as means of artistic expression. Not just to photograph things for the sake of making photographs, but to make art through photography.

I have work in several photographic printing processes including Cibachrome, Chromogenic Color Printing, Platinum Printing and other non-silver printing methods.  I have shot film in all film formats from 8mm up to 8x10 color transparencies.  I have the capacity to still develop all these film formats in my own personal laboratory and have a 50" wide film and paper processor for both black and white and color film and prints.  

 Although I enjoy photographing all subject matter,  I most enjoy using photography to place an emphasis on the abstract.

I am a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute 2001, and have studied under many photography greats such as Victor Landweber, Henry Wessel Jr., Reagan Louie, Linda Conner, Jack Fulton, Roger Minick, Alan Blaustein, and Frank Espada to name a few.

My photographic reproductions come in a variety of different sizes from the original film positives and negatives, to 8x10 contact prints, to oversized large format Mural size prints in a variety of different printing processes.  All my work is archival and museum quality.









Currently seeking representation

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